Monday, 29 October 2012

On Friday, October 23, 2012, Sandra Thacker, the producer of the CBC radio program Manitoba Scene, e-mailed me to suggest that I do a short in-studio reading. I quickly put together the material she requested, sent it off to her, and did the reading a few days later. It went well.

As I was leaving the studio, Sandra mentioned something about wanting to use Armenian music as background for my reading. To help her out, I offered to drop off some of my Armenian music CDs. On the way home from the studio, however, I thought, "Hey, I'm Armenian, so either one of my two—yes, two, let’s not be greedy—piano compositions would be considered Armenian (in a salvationarmy-ish kind of way), wouldn't they?"

To make a long story short.... Sandra did mix my piano composition “Love” with my reading. Here’s the result, with a few pictures added by me.

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