Thursday, 28 February 2013

Nearly forty-three years after the death of French author Jean Giono, Michèle Ducheny, a retired professor of French, has published the fourth online edition of a book on Giono’s relationship with various painters. Among them is my aunt, Gracieuse Christof, whose painting of my grandparents Valentine (née Targoulian) and Arménag Chahbaghlian (Shahbaghlian) graces the cover of A Requiem, Armenian Style. Ducheny’s discussion of Gracieuse is found on pages 155-156 of Giono et les peintres at:

Note that A Requiem is now part of the Fonds Giono (a vast collection of the works of and about the famed author; his correspondance before 1949 and after 1963; pictures; etc.) in Manosque, France.


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